Ryan Reynolds Is Helping Save Baby Seals with New Documentary, Huntwatch 

Ryan Reynolds Is Helping Save Baby Seals with New Documentary, <em>Huntwatch</em> 
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Ryan Reynolds is lending his sexy voice for a very good cause. The actor has teamed up with the filmmakers of the Huntwatch documentary to shed light on the 50-year battle to save baby seals from hunters in Canada.

"This is a film I think unlike any other," Reynolds said in a behind-the-scenes video from his time narrating the film. "Like any good documentary it really examines both sides of the issue in a way that's incredibly thoughtful, and I guess it's safe to say moving as well. It's huge for me to lend my name and I guess my voice in this case to this incredible cause."

The hunting of seals has been a practice in Canada for decades. What was once a respectable position has come under much scrutiny thanks to activist who have taken up the cause to terminate the practice. However, ending sealing has become a hot button issue in Canada, with the hunters and activists fighting dirty.

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Watch the trailer below to learn more about the documentary.

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