Ryan Reynolds Had the Best Idea for a Fan to Get Back at Her Ex-Boyfriend


Ryan Reynolds is helping his fans get over their exes, one photoshopped image at a time.

On Wednesday, the Deadpool star responded to one heartbroken high school senior's call for help to get back at her ex in the pettiest way possible—and it's hilarious.

Gabi Dunn, who revealed that she went through a tough split with her former boyfriend shortly after prom, found solace by performing some next level photo editing on her couple's photos from the big night.

"My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to "edit" the photos a little @VancityReynolds," the teen tweeted alongside pictures of the then-couple at the dance with Ryan Reynolds' face superimposed over her ex's.


The 40-year-old quickly responded with another idea to take the mischievousness one step further.

"We should photoshop me over his yearbook picture next. #DontMessWithGabi," he hilariously suggested to the newly single high schooler.


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We'll keep an eye out for that gem!


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