Ruth Wilson on Her Style Evolution: “I Want to Get Back to Having Fun with Fashion”

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Since starring in Showtime’s The Affair, actress Ruth Wilson has become one to watch on the red carpet thanks to her artful and modern approach to dressing.

So when the British star stopped by the People / EW / InStyle Portrait Studio at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival in a stunning off-the-shoulder Prabal Gurung dress, no less, we had to quiz her about her sartorial choices, both past and present.

“Maybe I’ve been more brave,” Wilson said when we asked about her ever-changing aesthetic over the years. ”I had been wearing different outfits that were very fun and then I went through a little bit of a boring phase. I know I want to get back to having a bit more fun with fashion.”

It’s no surprise then that her style crush is one of Hollywood’s biggest red carpet risk takers. “It’s always Tilda Swinton because she does something different each time,” said Wilson. “She’s not scared of being bold.”

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The actress, who was in Toronto to premiere her latest film, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, also shared her biggest style disaster with us. “There is a picture that exists out there of me in this awful outfit—a bright pink dress that I bought from somewhere like Zara or H&M,” she said. “I wore a black beret with it and I looked sort of bizarre, like a school girl from Mars.”

Watch the video above for more on Wilson’s look, including the one thing she’d still love to rock on the red carpet, and stay tuned for more exclusive TIFF 2016 coverage from our portrait studio.


It's enjoyable to wear these outfits, and you get the opportunity to wear some brilliant clothes so enjoy it. [MUSIC] It's always Tilda Swinton because she's just something different each time. She's not scared of being bold. [SOUND] I don't know, maybe I've been more brave. I had a period when I started, I was very Wearing really different outfits and things that were really fun. Then I went through a bit of a boring phase, I think maybe. And now I want to get back to having a bit more fun with fashion, so. [MUSIC] Well they're certain things I would love to rock on the red carpet, which I probably can't because they just look like, I love Big gown, it's sort of massive not big outfits. But I sort of drown in too much material so I can't really wear them. But I'd love to be tall and long enough to be able to sort of wear one of those sort of model type big outfits. [SOUND] Before I had a stylist, probably. [LAUGH] There's a photo that exists somewhere of me in this awful outfit, this dress, bright pink dress, that I bought from somewhere, like, Zara, or H&M, or something, and I was wearing a black beret with it. I looked, sort of, Bizarre, I don't know why I look a school girl from Mars, but that's probably my biggest style disaster.
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