Rose Byrne Reveals the “Rolls-Royce” of Spanx That She Wore Under Her Met Gala Dress

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Welcome back to Dirty Laundry, a new video series where InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown gets celebs to dish on their most interesting and personal possessions. This week, funny lady Rose Byrne sat down with Brown in a laundromat (where else?), where she told a tale about the intricate underpinnings that she wore underneath her 2016 Met Gala gown.

It wasn’t any ordinary Spanx that Byrne had on that night: “This is the Rolls-Royce of Spanx,” she jokes and pulls out the exact pair. “It’s got a lovely panel here and on the side, so it’s sort of got this geometric effect of the Spank, and a nice gathering on the back. So it’s a beautiful tailoring. And they’ve got this incredible pocket here, handy pocket.”


“And I wore this to the Met Ball under my frock. They’ve been through the laundry, I promise. This is what happens underneath the gown,” Byrne reveals, spilling her red carpet secrets.

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Watch the clip at top and catch the full episode with Rose Byrne over on the PEN Network.


[MUSIC] These are some spanks I wore. That's a nice touch. I love this shiny velure. This is an interesting spank. Spank singular. This is the spank singular. It just one spank. Hold the other side. Sure. It's a nice but you see that they're incredible right. It's got a lovely handle here and on the side. o look at this geometric affect, can we get a good shot of that, of the spanks. And it's gathering down the back. But also I might be late on my spank. So it's a beautiful Tailoring again. I didn't realise that they now had, And they've got this incredible pocket here, handy pocket. Which I, I didn't know they have that [LAUGH] I need to upgrade. This is the Rolls Royce of [INAUDIBLE]. This, That's the trick. > It's the Maserati of spank. And I wore this to the [INAUDIBLE] under my frock. You wore this. Yeah, but there [INAUDIBLE] I promise. And My God this is so sheer. So this is what happens underneath. Red carpet secrets, secrets, secrets. > And that a whole lot of- I'm sorry, I'm stuck on this. The dare I day we pair that with this. I'm stuck on this.>> The what do we got? I think we've got one night of passion.
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