We’re Tipping Our Hats to Rose Byrne’s Floral Maternity Style


Rose Byrne is pregnant and she’s making one thing clear: comfort takes priority.

Last week, the expectant 38-year-old actress closed out the dog days of summer in a white dress with a cute accompanying button-up. And on Tuesday, she hit the streets of N.Y.C. in another look that, pregnant or not, we’d also happily slip on.

For her outing, Byrne kept it simple in a floral and tropical sleeveless dress perfect for a walk in the park, day at the museum, visit to the doctor, or brunch with friends. She paired the piece with a rectangular red crossbody, sunglasses, and a white wide-brim hat.

She also seems to have been on the phone while out. Maybe she was catching up with longtime partner Bobby Cannavale?


In August, Byrne announced her pregnancy in Australia's Jones Magazine. “I’m a little tired but feeling good,” she said, adding, “Everyone was very sweet on set today, and you always get a little bit more attention when you’re pregnant, which is fabulous.”

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Byrne and Cannavale welcomed their first child, a boy named Rocco, in February 2016. We can’t wait to see how he reacts to a sibling.


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