Rita Ora Is on a Glorious Bikini Tour of Jamaica


Rita Ora is living her best bikini-clad life in Jamaica right now.

The British singer made us jealous beyond belief this week when she began 'gramming from the sunny sands of Jamaica in a teeny tiny red Tezenis bikini top (and sparing no underboob in the process).


hawt saowce 🇯🇲

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“Can’t really swim,” she captioned a photo of herself in a crocheted Rasta-inspired string bikini and a thin gold body chain, showing off her curves while perched on a mound of rocks by the shore.


Can't really swim 🇯🇲

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In Ora’s most recent vacation snap, the 26-year-old put her bold red lip on display. The singer, lips parted in a fish gape-esque pose, sips from a coconut while staring at the camera, clad in a silky red slip dress, her tousled blonde strands looking perfectly beach-ready.



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Take us with you, Rita!


[MUSIC] I am Kilana with InStyle and I'm here with Rita Ora. Hello. And we are going to talk all things beauty and fashion. So this will be a tough question because you love fashion, but if there were one designer you had to pick And you could just clear your closet out and just have one designer I can't. If I didn't know them personally, I would pick one. Okay But then I'd get these texts Right. And be like what do you mean this. And I'm not down for that. Right, you're not. I'm gonna say, if have a variety then I can, yeah. So give me your favorite, all time favorite red carpet fashion look and then your all time favorite red carpet beauty look. My favorite carpet that I kinda felt the best in, personally and visually cuz I was like really working out hard, I was in like that [UNKNOWN]. Phase of just wanting to be Yes. healthy. Yes. Was when I was wearing the Donna Karan for the VMA's 2014. And I loved it because it was kind of naked. Mm-hm. It was red the slit was like up to here. I had very short jewels on. I felt really hot. What about beauty? When you think of like ooh that hair, that makeup made me feel so beautiful. I recently went to the Vera Wang show in New York City and I just had a really natural kind of Tousled blonde beach hair with a, and all my girls nude actually no joke. Look, and it was like literally, the first time I felt so bare. But the, literally I got the most compliments. And I was like, wow, it's great, because you know I like to switch up so many times and I always kind of like Change my hair, my face, my make up. This was the first time I went out there just kinda like, it's 10am, doing a fashion show, let's see what happens. And everyone was like, wow. And that felt great. [MUSIC]
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