Rihanna's Hairstylist On The Products She Loves

Rihanna's Hairstylist On The Products She Loves
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Celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter shared her tips for making your blowout last all weekend! She’s a fan of the "R" Sessions Tools Root Control Barrel & Pressing Comb Duo ($142; to order call 212-757-0175) which she’s used to style Rihanna and Beyonce. "This ceramic heating comb has tiny teeth that are great for smoothing out curly hair,” she told InStyle.com. “When you need your blowout to last another day or two, use it to straighten fuzzy strands around your roots and the hairline." Another quick fix? Shorter recommends the Ojon 'Rub Out' Dry Cleanser ($24; nordstrom.com). "It's essentially a dry shampoo, and you lift the hair and spray where your hair feels a little oily." Check out the gallery for steps to a glam blowout!

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