Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos: What She Thinks of Being Powerless

Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos: What She Thinks of Being Powerless
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With another new episode of Revolution on tonight—the lights may be coming back on!—we caught up with star Tracy Spiridakos, who plays leading lady Charlie, to find out if there's any upside to being in the dark. “The benefit of not having power, to me, would be to see people interacting face to face again,” Spiridakos told “I'd love to see the games we played as children come back, and to have a group of adults on the street playing dodge ball or hide and seek. We take ourselves to seriously these days, we forget to play.” However, there's one modern convenience she wouldn’t want to forgo. “I'd have a hard time parting with my phone,” Spiridakos said. “I call my family in Canada daily and not having that luxury would make it that much harder being away from them.” Tune into Revolution tonight at 10/9c on NBC to watch Spiridakos fight to save her family, get more answers about why the power went out, and find out if it’s really coming back on.

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