Sail to the Tropics, Straight from New Jersey

Sail to the Tropics, Straight from New Jersey
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How great would it be to escape the Caribbean without getting on a plane? As the days grow shorter and mercury drops, hitting the beach is pretty much all we think about—but then logistics and costs kind of burst our bubble. With the launch of Royal Caribbean's new Anthem of the Seas, though, you can get outta Dodge in your car, board a brand new ship from the port in Bayonne, New Jersey (about 20 minutes from New York), and voila!, you're off to sunnier shores.

Because this ship was built to appeal to a young crowd (not the typical "newlyweds and nearly deads" oft-referenced in the cruising industry) super-fast Wi-Fi is pretty close to free ($15/day) via a satellite company called Voom. It allows all 4900+ passengers (not to mention the 1500 crew) to live-stream Inside Amy Schumer and get their news from John Oliver or just Instagram photos from all the crazy onboard activities (#AnthemoftheSeas).

Sailing to the Caribbean just to catch up on Pinterest would be a total waste on this ship—there's way more action than you could fit in in a 7-day voyage on this very hyperbolic ship: It's longer, taller, wider, and bigger by volume than almost any class of ship in the world. All that space is kind of essential to house the super-professional entertainment, like Spectra, with its custom robot-controlled screens and a Cirque du Soleil vibe, and We Will Rock You!, a Mamma Mia!-like show that uses the songs of Queen to tell the story of post-apocalyptic hippie heroes. If the sea wasn't gently lulling you in your seat, you'd think you were in Las Vegas or on Broadway.


Then there are 18 restaurants (don't miss the pork buns at Silk), a bar with cocktails prepared by robots (we're serious), room service so you can chill on your deck, and lots of parties to attend.


If adventure is your bag, you'll also get loads of that. Bumper cars occupy one deck; a RipCord skydiving simulator replicates the feeling of jumping from a plane flying at 18,000 feet; and a continuous-wave simulator let you go surfing (or boogie boarding) right out in the open air. Air hockey, Xbox stations, indoor pools, a spa ... whatever your pleasure, you'll probably find it before you even reach the waters of the Caribbean. Seriously, getting there is more than half the fun.


And because the Anthem of the Seas is docked permanently in New Jersey, millions of cruisers won't even have to brave airport security. Book on and a 7-night Caribbean cruise can go for as low as $750 per person, cheaper than some single-night room stays in New York City! How's that for a quick getaway with, like, zero planning?

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