This Product Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hair

This Product Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hair
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Make room in your shower caddy: Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub ($51; might just be the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to oily scalps.

This stuff is like your regular hair cleanser on steroids. Used as a supplement to your usual shampoo, a squeaky-clean feeling is basically guaranteed. The paste-like formula—enriched with exfoliating sea salt—was made specifically to remove the product gunk and excess oil that sits atop the scalp. It’s part shampoo, part detox treatment—a quarter-sized dollop massaged along your roots twice a week will leave your scalp and strands so darn clean, it’ll feel as though you’ve never truly washed your hair before.

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Don’t let the word “scrub” scare you: If you suffer from scalp irritation—or chemically treat your hair on the regular—you’ll love this paste too, since along with gently exfoliating, it also rebalances the natural moisture levels of your scalp with a blend of plant-derived extracts.

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