Reese Witherspoon Channels a Modern-Day Gidget on Vacation

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Reese Witherspoon is the MVP of All-American style. After serving perfect-hostess vibes in a gingham dress on the 4th of July, the Big Little Lies actress headed to the beach to give us another lesson in the art of summer dressing.

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Earlier today, Witherspoon put her official out-of-office message up on Instagram with a post that showed a hammock tied between two palm trees.

"If anyone needs me I'll be here all day!" the mom of three wrote. She added a series of emojis that painted the picture of a perfect getaway. Sun, sand, a great book—what else could you need? 

Answer: the perfect pair of shorts. A second post from Witherspoon's idyllic vacation showed her holding a giant paddle board in the cutest beach-friendly look.

It was the perfect day for a paddle. 🌊☀️

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A ruffled, off-the-shoulder top in crisp white paired perfectly with colorful shorts from Draper James x Net-a-Porter  ($200, Net-a-Porter.) FYI: The cute shorts are printed with electric-hued pineapples. Where were these on National Piña Colada Day

Witherspoon capped off the look with oversize sunnies, thus completing our vacation-wardrobe dreams. 


[MUSIC] Quiet on the set. Quiet on the set. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [SOUND] Hi, I'm Reese, and I'm here on the set of InStyle, December 2016 cover shoot here in Malibu. [MUSIC] I am gonna give you guys a little bit of a southern tutorial about the phrases in my line [INAUDIBLE] Okay, first is pine [?]. This is Deck the Y'all's bag. Everybody that knows me, knows I say y'all all the time and everybody pretty much themselves says y'all all the time except like when your saying, like all y'all which is the plural of y'all, so it would be kind of funny a bunch of y'all's on a bag. [LAUGH] People really like them, so that's fun. This is our classic Totes Y'all bag. And it's sort of the perfect tote bag, and it also just has a sense of humor. Because everybody in the South just makes fun of themself. [LAUGH] This is a very important one, vote y'all. Do I need to explain that? It's very important that we all get out and vote. [MUSIC] That is our branch fats and have lots of really pretty little plates that I use all the time. If they kiss my grits and butter my biscuits which you know stuffs that other people say. Do people know what grits are? Grits are delicious. I like a my cheese on them. [music] Little birdie told me, you got something women say to each other like instead of I found out from a friend, hey little birdie told me something about you or something exciting like you have exciting names. Actually, my girlfriend over there just remind me that so, I'm probably going to tell her what the little birdie told me. The bees knees, that's just mean you're the best. You're the bees knees My mom's the bee's knees. What would Dolly do, y'all? What would Dolly do? Dolly just makes everybody feel good, you know? She's just one of those people that emanates sunshine, and happiness, and positivity. And I called Dolly and said, would it be okay if I wrote what would Dolly do on a tote? And she said yes, absolutely. [MUSIC]
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