You Could Have Tea with Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln in London—Here's How


This year’s Red Nose Day is the gift that keeps on giving. Aside from reuniting our favorite characters for a mini reboot of Love Actually, the charity behind the event, Comic Relief Inc., is running some amazing sweepstakes that give you unprecedented access to the movie’s stars.

The latest prize you should enter for? A trip to London to have tea with Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln. The charity partnered with Omaze to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to one lucky fan and his or her guest.

The winner will be greeted at the airport by Lincoln holding a sign with their name on it, of course, before imparting on a Love Actually tour of London, led by Lincoln and the film’s director, Richard Curtis. They’ll even meet Knightley for a cup of tea and receive theater tickets to be used during the trip. As if that wasn’t enough, the trip also includes round-trip airfare and accommodations in London.


“I’ve never seen Andrew so excited and Keira so bemused, both of them have already started planning their outfits,” Curtis joked in a release. “Thank you Omaze for helping us create this wonderful prize, a day which, with your help, will save children’s lives all over the world.”

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Watch the behind-the-scenes video at top for more information, and visit to enter with any donation $10 or over. You have until May 30!


Hello you won't know me I'm the director of the film Love Actually and the founder of Red Nose Day. So we're here filming a sort of sequel to Love Actually. There's Hugh Grant we shot him yesterday, he's aged but there's still some similarities, the original face. And what we're gonna do is that we're gonna bring the winner of this competition, and all the money from the competition goes to Red Nose Day to save and change children's live. We're gonna bring the winner with the friend of their choice, or a family member, on a gorgeous, luxurious flight. And when they arrive at Heathrow Airport, This person here is gonna be waiting for you. [LAUGH] Holding a sign. An actor of extraordinary breath. A zombie killer of amazing regularity. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] What else you can say? Yeah, that's fair. And then, now, we're gonna be nice to the winner and the winner's friend. There will be so many cuddle Adults. Wow! This is an unexpected offer. We're going to also put you up in a very nice hotel. We're gonna take you for a theatrical experience. Really? Walk them around Notting Hill. And then, at the end, are we gonna have a cup of tea? We're gonna have a cup of tea. And should we get someone else for tea? Yeah, why not? Who? Who? What about her? Cup of tea, Karen, hardly, cuddle, unexpectedly. Actually. Do you -, two amazing days in London, hotel you don't have to sleep on the streets, Foot massage? For Richard. For me. Let's go and film a very amusing film, guys. See you soon. [MUSIC]
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