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Show Your Sweet Side with Hyper-Realistic Dessert Jewelry

Show Your Sweet Side with Hyper-Realistic Dessert Jewelry
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If you're looking for a perfect gift for the sweet tooth who has everything, a pair of candy earrings certainly fits the bill.

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Polish artist Katarzyna Korporowicz uses polymer clay to create tiny desserts and candies that make for stunningly authentic-looking earring and pendants. Her attention to detail has recently gained her work a ton of cred in the blogosphere. "Sometimes it takes several hours to finish one simple piece of cake or cupcake only because I always strive for perfection," Lost At E Minor quotes Korporowicz as saying. "It can drive you crazy especially when an earring is as tiny as a dime. That's why patience is essential with this kind of work."

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Her Etsy shop has been open since last August and still has a few recent pieces available for sale at very reasonable prices (all $10 or less), including light blue macaron earrings and a three-scoop ice cream pendant that gets the dessert’s texture down perfectly, with chocolate sauce and nuts on top.

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