Paul Frank x Rachel Zoe Is the Answer to Your Kids' Closet Woes


Rachel Zoe has designed a brand new collection of clothing featuring her classic California-cool style, but this time the pieces won't be hanging in your own closet, but in your kids' closets. Zoe has teamed up with the iconic brand, Paul Frank to create a line of clothing that's, in her own words, "easy and fun and comfortable for the kids."

We sat down with Zoe for an exclusive interview and preview of the adorable collection as she was shooting the line's lookbook. Surrounded by cute tots in even cuter outfits, Zoe looked right at home, wearing what else, but a flowing boho-style dress.

"Paul Frank is a very iconic, historic brand," she said. "They invited me to their fashion show in 2015 and I went with Skyler, my older son, and my husband, and we had so much fun. They had all these great games and the kids were just having the best time in the runway show and the clothes were super playful," Zoe revealed to InStyle. "It’s just kind of a very happy, spirited brand."


The collection, which will be available exclusively on Gilt, tomorrow, April 19, features both Zoe's unmistakable boho style, Paul Frank's iconic, playful spirit and of course, Julius the Monkey. Zoe said she'd always been interested in designing a kids line, but the right opportunity didn't present itself, until now. "Since I was pregnant honestly, everyone has asked me 'when are you going to do kids,'" she told us. "It's just obviously a huge undertaking to launch an entirely new business. So when Paul Frank approached me about doing this collection I was like, well this is sort of the perfect way to get my feet wet and dive in and see what it’s all about."

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Designing a collection that's not only cute and stylish, but also comfortable and functional was very important to the mom-of-two. "I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve put my boys in real dressy clothes," she said. "So my sort of mission with the collection was to make clothes that are easy and fun and comfortable for the kids. Clothes that they’re excited to put on and that they can run around in, but also that the moms and dads like the way they look." We bet moms everywhere are getting ready to send Zoe a personal thank you note for this approach to kids fashion.

"I think [in kids fashion today] you’re either looking at athletic clothes or pretty formal clothes," she explained. "I don’t think there’s a lot in the middle for everyday life for kids ... I think selfishly, I wanted to create this collection to just kind of make it easier for parents to dress their kids."

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But don't think that means she's sacrificed comfort for style. "There’s still feminine ruffles, and for the boys there’s some cute little ikat prints, there are girly colors, and there are boy colors and neutrals colors. I just wanted to make it easy, the girls can wear the boy's stuff, and the boys can wear the girl's stuff."


Your kids will now be super comfy, and totally stylish in Zoe's designs for Paul Frank. And now that spring's warm weather has officially arrived, it's time to get shopping! Check out the adorable collection, on sale tomorrow at


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