Rachel Zoe and Laura Brown Chat A-Listers, Fashion, and All Things Los Angeles After the InStyle Awards

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While in Los Angeles, hosting the 2nd Annual InStyle Awards, InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown caught up with fashionista and style icon Rachel Zoe, to talk about A-list celebrities, Los Angeles life, and of course, the previous night's big event, the InStyle Awards.

Zoe, who was present at the event with her husband Rodger Berman, congratulated Brown on a hosting job well done. "I’ve been in the job for 6 weeks," said Brown. "But I’ve got to tell you when I was at my old job last year, I read about these InStyle Awards and I was legit so jealous." Zoe agreed calling the night "magical," thanks to the casual atmosphere and increbile location in The Getty Center.

"[It's] casual, and everyone hangs out, and everyone drinks, and everyone talks and everyone mingles and it’s not stuffy and it’s not 4,000 people," said Zoe. "It’s a-list people but they’re accessible and they’re humans and they’ve got to go to the bathroom too and do their makeup," added Brown. "So it’s really important to show that I think. It’s always been for my career, very important, and for Instyle as a brand."

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Zoe was especially pleased that the awards were held in her hometown of Los Angeles, and not just because she didn't have to get on a cross-country flight to attend. "I think InStyle of all the publications is the most loved in L.A., because I think that Instyle is this magazine that represents so much of what L.A. is." High praise coming from the queen of L.A. style herself!

Watch the entire video above and all the amazing details of the fabulous night here!


[MUSIC] Hey girl! Hi! I'm in Los Angeles! Welcome to my LA headquarters. Thank you so much. I can't believe you've never been here. Why is this empty? Tea. Would you like some water in it? Cuz that's all your getting right now. After this you can have [UNKNOWN], but not right now. It's too early, babe. Yep, so we're- Welcome to Dream Killer Studio. So you're tired for a reason. Yes. We had a party last night to which you came. Yes. The InStyle Awards which I was extremely privileged to host. It's not only like you get the best of everyone. But they're all friends and they all love each other. And it's really casual and there's jokes. Yes. And it moves quickly, it's high and tight. Don't forget- Which is [UNKNOWN] philosophy. Don't fear that you're at the [UNKNOWN] It happens to be an event that was already existing. But it's also the only way I know how to do things which is Instead of casual. Casual and fun. And everyone hangs out and talks and mingles. I love that it's in LA. Yes. Because I think In Style of all of the publications is the most loved. Yeah. In LA. In Style is this magazine that represents so much Of what LA is. 100%. And I feel like fashion, and pop culture, fashion in Hollywood just consistently feed each other. Yeah, they do. And so->> All day, every day. And they're both real hungry, sometimes literally. But Tom Ford put it really well last night. He said->> The best. Fashion is actually, when it comes with a runway in Paris it's kinda filtered through LA. Cuz often times you see Those dresses for the first time on actresses on the red carpet. Correct. But Tom Ford, to say that, being that he's lived in London forever, L.A. is a huge part of his life, he has a home here. I think when you hear those words come from someone like Tom Ford, you actually believe what he's saying, right? I really believed it. I would buy anything he's selling. Actually, I maybe have. Would you? Maybe that's why he's Successful. But also like there is just more to do here in the fashion sphere. There is more to do here in the art sphere. You know it is where fashion is. [MUSIC]
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