Rachel Lindsay's Pick for the Next Bachelor Isn't Who You'd Expect 


Rachel Lindsay's time as The Bachelorette came to a close this week when (spoiler!) she became engaged to Bryan Abasolo. With the next season of Bachelor in Paradise starting soon, the only loose end to tie up is who exactly the next Bachelor will be.

Normally, the show chooses the next Bachelor (or Bachelorette) from the previous contestants, so when Variety asked Lindsay who she was rooting for, it wasn't a surprise that it's someone she sent packing.

“I actually think Alex should be the next Bachelor. I don't think you got to see enough of him,” Lindsay said. "He’s funny, quirky, handsome,” and “a serial monogamist.”


Lindsay sent Alex home during week six, but her answer may still come as a surprise to some fans, who seem to be lobbying for Dean. This season's runner-up Peter Kraus told Variety that he thinks Dean should helm the show next.

“Everybody knows I love Dean,” he said. “I know he said he doesn’t want to do it ... He’s a really good guy. I think he’d be fantastic.”

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But what about Kraus himself? Would he consider handing out roses next season?

“Consider? Sure," he said. "As of right now am I thinking about it? No.”

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We're sure we aren't the only ones who hope he changes his mind. Though whether the next Bachelor ends up being Alex, Dean, or Peter, the show has no shortage of options. 


On an unbelievable new Bachelor, and I go, show me more of this. Show me more of this. Get me the helicopters. Get me the girls crying, girls crying on helicopters. [LAUGH] If you get tears in flight on The Bachelor, that is prime stuff. [MUSIC] I think it would be really fun to be the ba. Would you really consider it, or are you just saying? No. No, you just. [LAUGH] I don't think that I would find love there. Unless they would change. This sort of vetting process for who would be the contestants. Mm-hm. [MUSIC] I think it would be one of the lowest rated shows. [LAUGH] Well, I don't know. [LAUGH] I think we would all watch you as the Bachelor. I really feel strongly about that. [APPLAUSE] Wow. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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