Watch Priyanka Chopra Get Completely Smeared in Paint for Holi


Priyanka Chopra has a jam-packed schedule, with the second season of Quantico underway on ABC and Baywatch being released in theaters in May. That means she wasn't able to travel back to her native India to celebrate the epic and beautiful Hindu spring festival of Holi, which is also aptly referred to as the "festival of colors."

But not to fret, as the actress celebrated it with none other than Jimmy Fallon. While appearing on Monday's The Tonight Show, they took turns painting each other's faces to channel the festival:

"Happy Holi with @jimmyfallon tonight," exclaimed Chopra in an Instagram post that showcased her bold and bright face point. The caption continued, "U should see what he looks like! Lol."

Happy Holi with @jimmyfallon tonight!! U should see what he looks like! Lol 🍭Tune in tonight at 11:35 EST

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Happy Holi!!!!

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But we all know that few episodes of The Tonight Show end without a game! Fallon brought in Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood and her bandmate and fiancé Zach Villa for a round of Tandem Sculptionary: "like Pictionary but with clay" as described by the late night talk show host. The guys paired off and Fallon ceremoniously wrapped his arms around Villa while sculpting a blow dryer, as the game's rules dictated.

Though his art skills were sub par, they ended up gaining the point. But Chopra and Wood put them to shame by guessing "volcano" in mere seconds. Naturally, they celebrated their small win with a fun dance.

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The game wasn't over just yet, with Fallon and Villa giving up their next point by failing to guess "burrito". Chopra and Wood were victorious yet again with an expert "dolphin" guess and took home the gold with their vampire clay sculpture during the final showdown. Leave it to Fallon to make literally everything fun.



Watch their Tandem Sculptionary sessions in the video above.


I usually pick the outfit that I wear on the red carpet on the day, because it depends on how I feel, "I can't be put in an outfit if I'm not feeling it". Actually, we had four options that day. All epic outfits. But this [INAUDIBLE] oscar dress, I wanted to be less is more, you know. I wanted it to be simple, I wanted it to be feminine and I wanted it to feel like old Hollywood glamour. I had just traveled from India for the People's Choice awards that morning. I was exhausted out of my mind and I just needed to wake up. I felt like I wanted to be own party, and I decided to be my own disco ball. The story of this is really great. [LAUGHS] So this is another Zuhair Murad Outfit. And it was my second option for the Oscars. For the White House correspondence dinner I was supposed to wear another dress, which was sent to get altered and it didn't arrive. And I had this outfit which I knew looked great. And I'm really glad I wore it cuz I really love that outfit.
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