Beyoncé Gives Us a Look at Her Growing Bump Like Never Before

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Fact: Beyoncé is a social media genius. Our favorite thing about her approach to Instagram is that she always makes sure to tell her story her own way, never letting paparazzi-snapped pictures define any of her moments.

At this Sunday's Los Angeles Clippers game at the Staples Center, we literally swooned over Jay Z showing affection to her baby bump—as well as her statement-making ensemble. The power couple love to spend a date night courtside, don't they? Well luckily for us, Mrs. Knowles-Carter gave a closer look at her head-turning look and its coveted Gucci accents.

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With The Commodores' late 70's hit "Brick House" playing, Beyoncé staged an Instagram slideshow that brought us up close and personal with her floral garland appliqué Gucci evening jacket from the iconic Italian fashion house's spring 2017 menswear collection. When borrowing from the boys is executed to perfection! She complemented the luxe piece with black separates and an equally jaw-dropping Modern Future bag from the brand. To keep the flashing lights at bay, she slipped on Gentle Monster semi-rimless leopard and gold metal shades. So fly.


It's clear that Gucci and Queen Bey are a sartorial match made in heaven. She wore gorgeous pieces from the house back in February at the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans and even daughter Blue Ivy has become an unofficial brand ambassador.

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We cannot wait to see what look she wears next!


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