Poll: Would You Use Beer-Infused Shampoo?

Poll: Would You Use Beer-Infused Shampoo?
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An icy glass of summer ale can do wonders... for your hair? Turns out, ingredients in beer have some positive effects for your strands. The malt and hops coats your locks, creating an ultra-smooth shine, while the yeast adds volume and builds strength. But instead of carting a six-pack to the shower, try Lush’s Cynthia Sylvia Stout ($30; lushusa.com) or BRÖÖ’s Citrus Pale Ale shampoo ($15;drugstore.com), which offer the refreshing benefits in product form. Also, Redken will roll out a version for men this September ($12; redken.com for salons). We’ll raise a glass to that! Would you try a beer shampoo? Vote below and tell us!

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