Pinterest's Clueless-Like App Will Let You Take Pictures of Clothes and Give You Outfit Recommendations

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Pinterest has been a busy company lately.

Just months after launching three new features, the platform has released another update, and fashionistas everywhere should pay attention.

The Lens part of the Pinterest phone app is being updated. In case you need a refresher, the Lens app allows user to take pictures of objects that inspire them, and then gives recommendations for similar objects on Pinterest. The newest update of Lens will allow users to get fashion recommendations by taking pictures of clothes they like.

If this is starting to sound a little like the movie Clueless, you are spot on.

"We’ve all had those mornings when we’ve wished for a Clueless-worthy closet Cher would be proud of," the brand said in a press release. "Over the last month, we’ve been making major improvements to make Lens better at recognizing different kinds of clothing items and styles, which means it’s now better at recommending outfit ideas for specific styles of shoes, dresses, hats, and more."

Courtesy of Pinterest

But how does it all work, exactly? It's a lot simpler than you might think. Take a photo of a clothing item that catches your eye, and when you're ready to search for outfit ideas that incorporate it, you can simply hit the "capture" button. You can also upload pictures you already have with the shoot now, search later feature.

Courtesy of Pinterest

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This new addition to Lens shows a move by Pinterest toward helping users get the most out of their fashion pinning experience. And what's not to love about that?


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