Penelope Cruz Looks Exactly Like Donatella Versace in Her Latest Closeup 

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Real talk: if we were mulling actresses to play Donatella Versace, our minds wouldn't automatically turn to Penelope Cruz. So, it's a good thing that Ryan Murphy is in charge of casting The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

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The television juggernaut had the foresight to envision the Spanish actress playing the Italian designer to a T—even if the two aren't exactly twinning IRL.

Ahem, here's Exhibit A: 

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images; Mike Marsland/WireImage

But as we see more photos from the set of the series, it's as if Cruz is morphing into Versace before our very eyes. Along with assuming the designer's fashion sense—leg slits, jewel tones, check!—Cruz has mastered that regal posture that makes us bow down to Donatella.

Check out this photo! Can you handle the smolder

Wel, there're more of it. Today, Cruz took to Instagram to give us another peek at herself dressed as the fashion icon. Though the capture only shows a corner of the actress's eye, it's enough to make us do a double take. Donatella, is that you?


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There are also some important makeup lessons here for anyone wanting to try La Donatella at home. (Listen, Halloween is sooner than you think.) First off, use dark shadow to smoke the outer corner of your eyelids. And, always, always say sì to lashes. 


[MUSIC] We're here for an event for American Express intern cardholders. We do these sort of one on one's with, with designers it's the third in the series. It's a, both an interview, a meat and greet, a fashion show and a shopping spree all rolled into one. It's kind of a like a pep rally. It really is. It's like a pep rally for fashion. [MUSIC] What I like about the [INAUDIBLE] that have come to the events is their enthusiasm. They want to come for something special. They're looking for something special. They really want to make sort of a connection between these designers and themselves. [MUSIC] Is it important for me to hear what customers say [INAUDIBLE] when we think about the clothes and we wear the clothes or we like to wear the clothes. [MUSIC] I think the philosophy of Versache is about glamour, it's quality, It's about joy. I think fashion for me is always exciting. Fashion is about changes it's about evolving it's about doing new things. Versache people can't help it in the, in the, in the fact that everything they do is sexy. And I don't think there's [LAUGH] anything more important. And enjoying yourself in then, in something that's sexy. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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