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Patricia Arquette Wanted Boyhood to Be a 20-Year Project

Patricia Arquette Wanted <em>Boyhood</em> to Be a 20-Year Project
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Just one day after her BAFTA win, Boyhood star Patricia Arquette stopped by The Daily Show to have a chat with host Jon Stewart. Then again, wherever Arquette is these days, there's a good chance she's fresh off an awards show victory. The Oscar-nominated actress, along with her Boyhood director Richard Linklater, has been showered in accolades for their stunning work on the 12-year-long project. Arquette joked that with her new collection of hardware, she is "opening a smeltery."

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The actress (who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2015 Academy Awards) acknowledged that the groundbreaking film has touched such a nerve with viewers because it celebrates, "What is beautiful is life—normal life—love, mistakes, that we're here on Earth, a real celebration of human beings."

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In fact, Arquette is just as big a fan of the film as everyone else that she even tried to convince her director to keep going. "The last year of filming I was weeping so much," she said, adding, "I usually love to finish things, but with this, I couldn't stand it ... I said [to Linklater], 'This is a 20-year movie. I'm the mom, I have some pull around here!'"

Watch the entire interview—including Arquette finding the parallels between the film and being a parent in real life— by clicking on the video below. 

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