Paris Jackson and Millie Bobby Brown Are Our New Favorite BFFs

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It was only a matter of time before two of our favorite rising stars joined forces. Both of them young, talented, and impossibly cool, it appears that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and Paris Jackson are teaming up on some sort of mystery project—at least according to Instagram—and we couldn't be more excited.

Both ladies took to the popular photo sharing app on Thursday with some behind-the-scenes snaps of their day together. They each shared nearly identical pics of them embracing, along with eerily similar captions. Brown, 13, wrote "See ya soon sista" with a heart emoji alongside hers, while Jackson, 19, wrote "see you soon, sunshine!" on her 'gram.

Could they be playing sisters? Or maybe they just really like each other? Either way, we're loving it.

See ya soon sista 💜

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Jackson also documented their day with a series of Instagram stories, which show the young ladies playing with filters and rocking out on a piano together. "This girls got pipes," the up-and-coming model noted in the clip of the two of them delivering an impromptu performance, confirming what we already knew: there's nothing the 13-year-old Brit can't do.

Paris Jackson and Millie Bobby Brown
Paris Jackson / Instagram

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Just what do these teenage phenoms have in store?


Winona is amazing. Obviously Winona is great at what she does. She can really get down to business when she needs to but between takes she's a goof. She's fun, she's Grounded and smiling and laughing. And it was such a pleasure and an honor to get to work alongside her. I just remember bonding with her over, Nancy has this one line about salt. Where are we gonna get that much salt? She's like, it was goog. You did the best with that line that you definitely could have Some of the strangest things are just like when you're standing there face to face with this guys dressed in a monster suit and you're just like going through the blocking of how a scene is gonna go. You know, it's those moments where you just have to stop and you're like this, this is a little weird. [MUSIC] Well, that's got to be one of my favorite days of filming. Because yeah, we were filming this beautiful forest in Georgia and the arts department had completely like transformed it like put all these crazy practical effects things up and it was just kind of amazing. So, I would say, yeah, there's definitely Filming in the nether was pretty creepy in real life too. When I found out about Barb's tragic fate, it was definitely you know, sad because they were still writing it as we were filming and I think, you know, we were all maybe hoping that There'd be some kind of happy ending there. We kind of you know had this motto on set. That's like. Poor Barb. Poor Barb, she's like the nicest character in the whole thing and doesn't do anything wrong. There had to be an element of danger in the show and She got the short stick sad. [MUSIC] In the original pilot it looks like Nancy was absolutely going to end up with John because Steve was such a jerk in the original version of the show. But then they kind of switched things up while we were filming. Neither one of them could steal Nancy Is hard. Well, thanks for watching and you can catch Stranger Things on Netflix. [MUSIC]
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