Olympic Athlete Fashions and the 5 Style News Moments You Need to Know

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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another edition of InStyle-Five, where InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and correspondent Jen George deliver this week’s must-know fashion news. First up on the list? Our stunning September cover star, Kerry Washington, who weighs in on everything from race to politics and being a working mom in Hollywood to InStyle.

Speaking of the September issue, it’s time for fall fashion, and statement coats are seriously in. Another trend that’s not going anywhere: the '90s choker necklace.

If you’re planning on hitting the beach this weekend, throw some Supergoop in your bag: The SPF-50 product is an editor-tested favorite. You know who else is having a good summer? Christian Siriano, who gorgeously dressed Leslie Jones for the Ghostbusters premiere when she had trouble finding a designer.

Finally, tonight marks the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics. We have our eyes on American Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, who will be competing wearing a hijab, a first for the Games.

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Watch the full video above and prepare to feel like a total insider, stat.


[MUSIC] Welcome to InStyle 05, I'm Jen George. And I'm Eric Wilson. And here's what we're talking about this week. Okay, so first up, the September issue just came out and Kerry Washington is our cover girl. Doesn't she look incredible? She really does. What else is great about this is that the interview inside is really illuminating. It's quite fascinating when she talks about race, politics, what it's like to be a working mother in 2016, and I think it's very relatable to a lot of women, especially a pregnant one. Well, you know what else the September issue means Means- Fall fashion. Exactly, and there are so many trends that I cannot way to try. So of course we see lots of statement coats, you see shearling, graphic furs, caramel colored leathers, all really fun looks. I'm loving this one the most though, chokers. Chokers, yeah. It's a big moment for that right now. It's all part of this 90's Victoriana trend that's been going around for a little bit. Another good example from that is the [UNKNOWN], and I just saw [UNKNOWN]. My God I love that outfit. Yeah, she stepped out [INAUDIBLE] collection, it's a great example of how to wear that micro-floral trend without overkill. She looks beautiful, this is a look I would definitely do with [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] Okay, but before we get too excited for fall, we have to To make it through summer first. So here are a few of my favorite products. First and foremost, Supergoop, it's an oil and it's SPF-50 which you don't normally think the two go in hand in hand but here they do. I finally have a replacement for my Opportunity for babies. [LAUGH] Exactly, yeah, I would try this one instead. You know who else is having a great summer? Who? Christian Siriano. He really is. It all started with Leslie Jones from Ghostbusters. She Tweeted that a lot of designers wouldn't give her a dress because of her size. Yeah. He heard about this and invited her to the showroom. Let her pick something out and created something special for her. And she looked absolutely beautiful. It really was a great moment, really forces the idea that he's a designer for every woman. He makes clothes for different body types, different sizes. And he also just got married. It's good karma. Exactly. And finally, I'm so excited Because tonight is the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I know, I can't wait. This is like the sports version of a runway show. Athletes from around the world parade around the ceremony space in uniforms designed by top designers, like the Italian team will be wearing Giorgio Armani. The American athletes are gonna be dressed once again by Ralph Lauren. I can't wait to see, especially this jacket that the flag bearer is gonna wear because apparently, it lights up. The letters of USA are gonna be so bright, you should be able to see them from space. [LAUGH] Right! Some other things I'm excited about this year, for the first time, an American athlete, the Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Will be competing wearing a hijab. This is a really important moment because it will help shine a more positive light on Muslim Americans and their contributions to our country. There's nothing more positive than seeing your athlete compete like this. Also on the uniform front, D-Squared, the Canadian designers,who are known for a little bit of craziness on the runway are actually going to be dressing the Canadian team. And Stella. Stella McCartney got into some controversy as well for the uniform she designed. For the British team, sporting a very, very tiny bathing suit for Todd Daily. Yup, thank you Stella. I can't wait to watch it all tonight. Make sure you stay tuned for more episodes of [InStyle.]
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