Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Adopt Adorable 10 Pound Rescue Dog  


Looks like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have added another member to their family! Before you wonder if you somehow missed her third pregnancy, don't worry—their newest addition is not a baby. The Sudeikis-Wilde's have adopted a 3-year-old rescue dog named Elvis, and the 10 pound puppy is pretty darn adorable.

Wilde took to Instagram to share a photo of their new family pet, and let's just say we're in love (need a pet sitter!?). "Ladies and gentlemen, meet the heartbreaker formerly known as Maxamillion, now christened by his new human brother as Elvis Sudeikis-Wilde. 3 years young and 10 lbs of pure goodness," she wrote alongside the photo of the cute pooch. 

"He's lived a pretty harrowing life so far, and we are so lucky he adopted us as his new family, so we can treat him like the king he was born to be. Thanks to @barcshelter we found the missing member of our brood. This is our second adopted furry son and we cannot recommend it enough. There are so many animals looking for homes. This little guy was next on the kill list at a shelter in Texas not too long ago! :tired_face: Please consider saving a dog today. ❤ #adoptdontshop #Elvishasenteredthebuilding"

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With two great parents and siblings, 3-year-old Otis, 9-month-old Daisy, and fellow rescue pup, Paco, we think this former rescue dog just hit the family lottery. 


Rescue bros. ❤❤ #PacoandElvis

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