Norma Kamali's Latest Cause Was Inspired By Bridesmaids

Norma Kamali's Latest Cause Was Inspired By Bridesmaids
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Dynamo designer/wellness advocate Norma Kamali is spearheading a movement to stop objectification—and has Kristen Wiig to thank for it. Following a long-term preoccupation with women's self-esteem issues, Kamali "saw Bridesmaids and thought, this is the most brilliant movie and the most telling about the culture and what it is that I'm trying to connect to," she told "In the beginning when Jon Hamm's character is objectifying this young woman, who wants to believe that by objectifying herself and mistaking that for love, she will get love from him in the end." After swapping stories with the women around her about everything from cat calls to workplace sexual harassment, Kamali launched the Stop Objectification site, which gives women a place to submit their own experiences of being objectified. "Tell everybody to just dump those stories," says the designer. "When you have a secret and you haven't been doing anything about it, it's therapeutic to put a picture up and a statement up about who you are—you're taking a positive, empowered action. We are more than what we look like; we're a composite of experiences." Watch her provocative "Hey Baby" video above and get inspired to share.

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