Nicole Richie & Cameron Diaz Continue to Inspire Us with In-Law Goals


The stylish sisters-in-law had a girls' day on Monday. Nary a Madden in sight, Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz grabbed lunch at Montage Beverly Hills in complementary looks and matching up-dos.

Richie wore a pale pink shirt and skirt set (shop a similar look here) on the afternoon outing, adding her signature eclectic edge with a motorcycle jacket (shop a similar look here) and a pair of black Converse low-tops ($50;

Meanwhile, Diaz stepped out in a pinstriped frock that she paired with a black cardigan, simple black shades (shop a similar look here), and a pair of metallic sandals.

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This is hardly the first time the in-laws have spent time together away from their respective husbands, Benji and Joel Madden. Diaz and Richie are notoriously close and often share their love for one another on social media.

Last June, the In Her Shoes actress took to Instagram to praise Richie's Revolve capsule collection. “We're sisters because of our misters and I am SO impressed by and proud of how talented she is. Her capsule collection at Revolve is a wonderful reflection of her spirit and her style; sexy and chic, playful and grounded, feminine with a hint of masculine, retro yet contemporary,” Diaz captioned a photo of the pair embracing.


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Nicole and Cameron are hands down our favorite celebrity in-laws.


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