Nicole Richie Hangs Out with Cameron Diaz and Mariah Carey Before Her Father's Concert


Nicole Richie is not having your typical Monday. In fact, it's pretty darn fabulous. The House of Harlow designer posted a photo on Instagram of her and a large group of friends backstage before her father Lionel Richie's concert tonight, and there are more than a few famous faces in the shot.

In the 'gram, we spot Richie's sister-in-law, Cameron Diaz, Lake Bell, and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer in the photo, but there's one person in the crowd that will make you do a double-take—Mariah Carey! You can see her posing front and center in a dazzling sequined dress. If you're thinking that this is the most random group of celebrities ever, it kind of is, but that just makes it even more amazing. "Happy Monday my lambs #touchmybody," Richie captioned the photo.

Happy Monday my lambs #touchmybody

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While the assortment of famous people definitely feels random, Carey is currently doing a few shows on Richie's All the Hits tour, which is going on now, so it does make sense that Nicole and her pals would snag a picture with the pop star. 

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Regardless of how it came to be, all in all it's pretty epic.


Hey In Style, it's Nicole Richie, and we are about to play, Never Have I Ever. [MUSIC] Yes, I have cut my own bangs. I have cut them many times. The first time, I was seven. And everyone told me not to cut bangs, because I have curly hair And we all know how that turns out. But I did it anyway. And I still do it. And it looks horrible and I've got to go get them fixed and it's a whole thing. I don't know what's wrong with me. [MUSIC] I have never cut my daughter's hair. She's only cut her hair one time. And I found myself saying the exact same thing my mom said to me. No, we can't cut your hair. But she wanted to do it, and so we did it. [MUSIC] I've never had a regret after a beauty Decision. Even if something doesn't come out the way I want it to. I can like figure it out and work with it for a few days, at least. [MUSIC] Yes, in like 1993, it was very cool to shave your head like here and then wear a pony tail. Again, something my mom told me I couldn't do. See the rhythm here? [MUSIC] All right, always wear flats, yes. I mean, I wear heels sometimes, but you just never know when a Salt-N-Pepa jam is gonna come on and that's what you need flats for. [MUSIC] I do it every time I go out. Thank you InStyle, that was so much fun. I'm Nicole Richie, and apparently I never say never. [MUSIC]
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