Nicole Kidman Has Some Pretty Bad News for Big Little Lies Fans

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Alright, it seems that at least one of the Big Little Lies ladies has been telling, well... lies.

Talking with Ewan McGregor during a recent episode of Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Nicole Kidman effectively squashed our collective dreams when she suggested that, contrary to what Reese Witherspoon told Ellen last month, it's not looking good for Season 2 of BLL.

"It was a book, so it was pretty finite," Kidman said. "We got the taste for it, so we're like, 'Oh, what a pity.' You never know, you always hope, but there's no story, there's absolutely no prospects right now."

The Oscar-winner noted that the best way she sees writers continuing the story is through Bonnie's (Zoe Kravitz) backstory, which wasn't fully addressed in the first season.

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"The backstory of Bonnie is complicated, and not fully explored, which is probably why we need to do a Season 2," Kidman previously told Entertainment Weekly. "It indicates that every woman is holding some sort of secret or damage or something, and that's not fully explored. We don't have any plans for a Season 2, but the beauty of this is there are so many deep stories here that are ripe for mining. There are so many different ways to go with all of these women. This is such a small portion of their lives, but I love that people have connected to them in such a deep way. And everyone in different ways to different women."

Ok, so you're saying there is a chance?

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Watch the entire interview above and decide for yourself.


For six years I've been wiping runny noses, organizing play dates, doing everything to be a good mom and today I felt alive, I felt good. Is that crazy? No! I feel so ashamed for saying this. But being a mother is not enough for me. [MUSIC] I think every one who has seen it so far is praying that there is going to be a season two. Right? We hope so [APPLAUSE] I mean I feel like its Nicole and I produced it as well. So we've been talking to the writer Liane Moriarty who wrote the book. About new ideas what these characters could do but it seems like people just love the characters so>>Yeah>>Hopefully we can go on>>Yes, yes that's gotta happen [MUSIC]
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