Nicole Kidman Is a Country Western Goddess in This Sexy Baywatch-esque Shoot


In case you haven't been keeping up with things: Nicole Kidman is 50 years old and she looks like THIS:


The Big Little Lies alum covers Love Magazine’s latest issue and she looks out-of-this-world incredible.

Clad in a lace-up red one-piece Love Stories swimsuit ($90;, gold choker, and a badass cowboy hat, Kidman makes a serious case for setting Baywatch’s next reboot in Nashville (and starring Nicole, of course).

Surprisingly, the Oscar-winner didn’t feel quite as confident on-set as the photos seem to portray. "I thought about this shoot afterwards,” Kidman told Love, “I was like, what was I doing? I lost my mind! How are the shots? Do they look crazy?" Crazy-amazing, yeah!

This woman should be studied—just, HOW.

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Next time we find ourselves in Nicole’s neck of the woods, we’ll most definitely have what she’s having.


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