New Jewelry Shopping Site We Love:

New Jewelry Shopping Site We Love:
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Online shoppers, we've found your next addiction: The site just launched a month ago, and it's quickly becoming a new go-to for jewelry—both for designers (you can submit your designs to get made) and shoppers (you can vote on the pieces you want to see get made). "We’re like an American Idol for jewelry designers," said founder Courtney McColgan, inset, who concocted the idea when she was at Stanford Business School, and then brought it to life thanks to some backing from Great Oaks, the same people behind viral shopping sites,, and Here's how it works: Every week or so, ShopBevel holds contests. Designers submit sketches for a certain theme (think emerald or gold or neutrals), then users can vote on the ones they want to see get made, so you get a say in what you see on the site. ShopBevel then goes and produces the pieces—no middle man required—and you get it for straight-out-of-the-factory prices (i.e. these chandelier earrings are $20 and the blue and gold necklace is $36) with a super-limited-edition touch (only 100 of each design gets made). "It's gratifying to see whole production cycle work, from voting to production to selling," McColgan added. "It makes you appreciate the little bracelet on your wrist that much more." Visit to try it yourself.

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