Mother's Day Quotes: The Best Style Advice Celebrities Got From Their Moms

Mother's Day Quotes: The Best Style Advice Celebrities Got From Their Moms
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When it comes to style, no one is more classy than Mom. That's why, in honor of Mother's Day, we asked celebrities to tell us what their mothers told them about being chic. Scroll down to see what Georgia May Jagger, Emma Stone, and more had to share.

"Be decent and kind to other people, and I think that’s everything having to do with style."

"My mom was very into me keeping covered up—no bra straps showing, no crop tops. If I could have, I would have dressed like that. But I didn’t, and so I’m grateful for that now. No photos of me wearing a bra to school will ever surface!"

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER, daughter of Jerry Hall
"She always just said to me—it sounds corny—but to be happy because that’s when you’re most beautiful and feel confident."

MICKEY SUMNER, daughter of Trudie Styler and Sting
"She always just told love what you wear. And I think that’s really important. I will never buy anything unless I love it."

"My mom used to always say 'Youth is the best jewelry.' Because every time I was going to a party, I would say, 'But I don’t have anything on!' And she’d say, 'Youth is the best jewelry, babe.'"

"She appropriated Coco Chanel’s 'Look in the mirror and take one thing off.' Her way of putting it was 'You’re not a Christmas tree. You don’t need to have all the bobbles. Keep it simple.'”

Plus, see photos of fashionable tastemakers with their chic moms!

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