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Watch Meryl Streep Rock Out in This Music Video for "Cold One"

Watch Meryl Streep Rock Out in This Music Video for "Cold One"
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Get ready to see Meryl Streep like you've never seen her before. Watch her as the braid-wearing, guitar-playing Ricki Rendazzo in this new music video for "Cold One" from the film Ricki and the Flash. [Entertainment Weekly]

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1. What happens when a careless husband gives away his wife's rare edition of a Judy Blume book? The author herself steps in to save the day. [Time]

2. It's almost time to witness tonight's blue moon. Find out what makes the rare occurrence so special. [ABC News]

3. Stella McCartney will work her magic once again as the designer for Britain's 2016 Olympic Uniforms. [The Telegraph]

4. Do you secretly wish all of your food could be like Dippin' Dots? Well, this new gadget can turn meals into edible beads. [Mashable]

5. This could definitely be the next Olympic sport: Watch two gymnasts perfectly perform a routine while on top of a surfboard. [Today]

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