Meet Your New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Meet Your New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Tom Schierlitz

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At InStyle, we truly believe that everyone should have three things in their arsenal: the perfect red lipstick, a pair of boots that makes you want to take over the world, and an awesome go-to cookie recipe!

We grilled our favorite chefs and tested dozens of recipes and have finally narrowed it down to these 5 amazing, never-fail cookie recipes!

So how do you like your confections? For chocolate addicts, we coaxed the recipe for the gooiest chocolate chunk and chip cookies from Chef Thomas Keller. For those who want it all, try the bombshell recipe for cowboy cookies—brimming with oats, salty pretzel bits, and chocolate chunks—from Chefs Matt Lewis and Renato Poliatfito. For the most glamorous chocolate chip cookies ever, whip up a plate or two (or three! Or four!) of olive oil and sea salt cookies from Chefs Carey Jones and Robyn Lenzi.

Check out all the mouth-watering, chocolate-chip goodness right here.

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