New Book Proves There’s More to Japanese Cuisine Than You Ever Knew

New Book Proves There’s More to Japanese Cuisine Than You Ever Knew
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Attention sushi-eaters and Japan-bound travelers: your ordering skills are about to be bumped up to the next level. According to Matt Goulding’s new book, Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japan’s Food Culture ($21;, Japanese food extends far beyond our usual comfort zone of salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. In fact, we learned from his 352-page culinary guidebook that there are six food groups within Japanese cuisinenoodles, fried, stews, grilled, raw, and riceand four different types of preparation within each category.

Which means… we can finally order East Asian cuisine every night of the week and still enjoy some variety! Plus, you can download Goulding’s series of food-centric guides to Japan for free on Microsoft's OneNote and Sway, which is especially useful for travelers who may not have access to WiFi. In the meantime, check out the infographic below to learn about the four different types of fried Japanese delicacies, among other useful tidbits.

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Rice, Noodle, Rich Infographic

Rice, Noodle, Rich Infographic 2

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