Marvel Is Releasing a Spider-Man Accessories Collection with Charlotte Olympia 

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Calling all comic book fans—we've got exciting news for you!

The British fashion company Charlotte Olympia is collaborating with Marvel to create a Spider-Man accessories collection, and this is one team up you won't want to miss.

Charlotte Olympia / Instagram

The hero-worthy line will combine Charlotte Olympia's signature cat purses and shoes with a special Spidey twist. The five designs are available for both women and kids, so little superheroes can also run around in style.

Charlotte Olympia / Instagram

Marvel has had fashion lines with other brands before, but this one combines a quirky fashion aesthetic with a quirky superhero, and really what more could we ask for?

Charlotte Olympia / Instagram

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Charlotte Olympia revealed to fans on Instagram that the accessories will be available starting July 5, so if your Spidey sense is tingling, you'll have to be patient.

Charlotte Olympia / Instagram

The fashion company has only been designing and selling sneakers in collections for two years now, which makes this jet black pair of web-themed sneakers included in the line even more special.

Charlotte Olympia / Instagram

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If it seems like you're caught in the Charlotte Olympia x Marvel web after seeing these accessories, be sure to keep an eye out for the collection on their website in July.


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