It's Official: Margot Robbie Is the Chicest Bridesmaid of All Time


Margot Robbie: actress, bombshell, accomplished bridesmaid and wedding aficionado.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress took on her most important role to date last week: doting bridesmaid.

Robbie, a newlywed herself, served as bridesmaid-cum-floral-clad goddess at her friend Julia Koenig’s wedding in Kauai, Hawaii last Wednesday.

“Going to the chapel,” she captioned a faraway photo of the wedding party, standing outside a forest green church flanked by picturesque palm trees.

Going to the chapel... J❤️N

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Robbie rolled up to the ceremony in a seafoam green satin slip adorned with pastel pink flower print and lace embellishments ($580; that she paired with low-heel strappy beige sandals. The bridal party complemented their gowns with flower-plaited crowns of loose braids and a bouquet of white flowers mixed with large decorative leaves.


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The Australian star looked absolutely stunning. To be honest, we wouldn’t want her standing next to us on our wedding day, but to each her own …

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Congrats to the newlyweds!


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