Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's Signatures from 2009 Are Adorable


Before Game of Thrones became what it is today—a massive show with over 16 million viewers—the ladies of Westeros were just young English girls on the brink of super stardom. With no major acting experience prior to the show, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were definitely new to the world of Hollywood, and that includes signing autographs for fans. 

While it's hard to believe they ever weren't pros, thanks to one Twitter follower the evidence is before us. The user tweeted out a photo of Williams and Turner's signatures from 2009, and it's definitely a throwback. Even Maisie was taken down memory lane. "@sophiet we practiced these for days," she wrote in response to the tweet.

The hilarity was not lost on Turner either: "Oh my god. For so long. We practised in a pub for hours before a book signing. Lol," she replied.


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Honestly, the signatures are super cute. Got to love Sophie's heart of the "i," right? 


My go to date night look, corsets and long skirts always gets the boys hot under the collar, I think. Yeah. Show a bit of my ankles sometimes. [LAUGH] Hi InStyle I'm Sophie Turner and Winter is not coming. Here are Sansa and my summer style tips. My summer fashion staple. Well, as Sophie I always think in the summer you have to have a good pair of sneakers because you're always running around, like Skateboarding, rollerblading, whatever. Cloaks because you're never in the sun. I safely love a good John Lennon [MUSIC] There's no brightness, there's no happiness, there's no sunglasses. Doesn't really go with the aesthetic either. [MUSIC] My favorite summer makeup look would have to be Sansa, the no make up make up. Generally, unplucked eyebrows and chapped lips because it's very cold and dry. Then, Sophie. Bold lip and not very much make up. Sofia, most important step is just like, moisturizer. Always moisturizing my face and I think Melisandre The, to do with a bit, about two in I think when she takes that neck, she will, she's a bit more attractive, maybe a bit vocal. A salsa, just people, you and I, put this on, [LAUGH]. And then you won't have to, the Grammy. [MUSIC] Sophie lip balm, all the time. Because my lips get so chapped in the sun. Sansa doesn't have a handbag. Sansa, her only accessory is her brain. [LAUGH]
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