Mad Men Recap: "Lost Horizon"

<em>Mad Men</em> Recap: "Lost Horizon"
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Don has been spiraling out of control for what seems like forever, and in last night's episode of Mad Men, titled "Lost Horizon," his behavior seemed to tie into the show's buzzed-about opening sequence, in which a well-dressed man is seen falling from a skyscraper.

After Don moves into his new office at McCann-Erickson, his secretary Meredith brings him an envelope of items left at his apartment that he once shared with his ex-wife Megan. Don peeks inside the envelope and finds a social security card and Megan's engagement ring. Don walks over to the window in his office, looks down, and grips onto the glass—as us viewers looked on in utter silence. Don regroups and even he raises an eyebrow at his behavior. Is this foreshadowing that Don is in fact the man seen falling to his death? Perhaps the opening sequence isn't just a metaphor.


"Lost Horizon" had more drama in store for Don: He goes to drive Sally to school, only to learn she already has a ride, visits with Betty and learns how enthusiastic she is about her psychological studies (which makes Don realize how blasé he is about his own future), and then hits the road to Wisconsin to look for the waitress named Diana who had a fling with him in earlier in the season. During the long car ride, D on experiences sleep-deprived hallucinations and, in another eerie turn of events, Burt Cooper, Don's late mentor, appears in his passenger seat. But believe it or not, Don's behavoir in this episode became even more bizarre as he lies about his name and pretends to deliver a sweepstakes prize in order to learn Diana's whereabouts.

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As for Joan, this was the episode that those who are Team Joan (who isn't?) have been waiting for. We knew Joan had mixed feelings about merging with McCann-Erickson and this week's episode proved that she had every right to feel that way. After conflicts with both Dennis and Ferg, she turns to Jim Hobart, McCann's head , who is not so understanding after she asks him to buy her out for her equity stake of $500,000. In turn, Joan doesn't hold back and threatens to sue, which results in her ultimately caving in and giving up her job (though not all of her dignity) and accepting Hobart’s $250,000 buyout.


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On a brighter note, we're treated to a sillier side of Peggy in "Lost Horizon". She and Roger, who are still in the empty SC&P offices, get drunk on vermouth and share some thoughts on the advertising industry. "This business doesn’t have feelings,” Roger tells Peggy. “You get bought, you get sold, you get fired … even if your name’s on the damn door, you should know better than to get attached to some walls," he adds. But the booze-infused time turned silly too and suddenly a tipsy Peggy was rollerskating in circles around a very drunk, organ-playing Rodger. The episode leave us watching Peggy stride with swag right into McCann-Erickson, with sunglasses, red lipstick, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and her belongings (including a racy painting at her side)—arguably one of the best moments yet. You go, girl. Let's just hold out hope that she has a better experience than Joan.


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