MAC's Jeremy Scott Collection Is Better Than Your Ex's Mixed CDs

MAC's Jeremy Scott Collection Is Better Than Your Ex's Mixed CDs

Sending someone a Spotify playlist today is the equivalent of your crush handing you a mixed CD he made especially for you. But if you miss your beloved boombox and little discs with permanent marker sketched on the top, signifying that this lineup of songs will speak to your soul, you probably should invest in MAC’s brand new collaboration with Jeremy Scott.

The designer is frequently fueled by pop culture—the hints of McDonalds and Barbie and Ken in his Moschino collections are overwhelmingly clear—and this project was no different. For his collection with the beauty brand, he tapped into the ultra-creative, inspiring, and nostalgia-inducing days of mixtapes and new music in the bright, electric colors he’s known for. Remember, this is the designer that sent models down the runway wearing paint-splattered wigs.

The collection includes three different installments in packaging that’ll you never discard, even far after the product has been wiped clean of the tin. It makes its official debut online and in select stores on February 8th. Keep scrolling to see all the magic—and maybe embrace that #ThrowbackThursday playlist at the same time.

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