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Lunchtime Links: The Full Trailer for J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy Is Here

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It's here! Watch the first full trailer for J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy, which is airing as a three-part miniseries on HBO this April. A note to Harry Potter fans: This is nothing like Hogwarts. [Variety]

Here are more must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:

1. Home, the animated flick starring the voices of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Jim Parsons, trumped the box office in its opening weekend. [Reuters]

2. ICYMI: Once Upon a Time revealed what exactly happens to Maleficent's child. [EW]

3. In an exclusive People interview, Dolly Parton shares her secrets to a happy marriage. "They say that opposites attract, and it's true," she says. [People]

4. It is now possible to play Super Mario 64 in your browser. [Time]

5. A new pasta that doesn't require you to pre-boil water? Yes, it exists! [Grub Street]

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