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Lumoid Is the Warby Parker of Wearable Tech

Lumoid Is the Warby Parker of Wearable Tech
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Below is an excerpt from "Lumoid is the Warby Parker of Wearable Tech," which originally appeared on PureWow. Read the full story at

Meet Lumoid, a rental service for the tech wearables you're curious to try but not quite ready to buy.

Here's how it works: Choose up to five devices for a weeklong trial at home. Right now, that includes things like FitBit, Jawbone Up, Nike+ products, Samsung Gear Fit, Misfit Shine and Garmin watches. Then, either send all five devices back to Lumoid with the provided return label and pay a mere $20 for the rental, or indicate the wearable(s) you want to purchase and buy at retail price.

You'll still send all the samples back to Lumoid and then they'll ship a shiny new version of the one(s) you want, waiving the $20 rental fee in the process. We’re sleeping better already.

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