Balmain Made Your Middle School-Era Lipstick Necklace Cool Again

Balmain Made Your Middle School-Era Lipstick Necklace Cool Again

Remember that lip gloss-filled charm you used to wear around your neck back in 8th grade? We swear, we felt like the coolest kids in school every time we undid the cap to proudly roll that clear gloss on in the middle of history class, much to our teacher's dismay. Hands up if you got sent out in the hall for reapplying instead of taking notes on the War of 1812!

This holiday season, Balmain and L'Oreal are bringing back those beauty product-jewelry hybrids you once loved and hoarded, but with an ever-so-chic aesthetic. Olivier Rousteing worked with the beauty brand to create a range of lipstick-filled necklaces, complete with a marbled exterior and gold tassel. At first glance, you wouldn't even know lipstick was inside of the tube, which is available in three different colors that correspond with Balmain's trio of tribes: Rock, Couture, and Glamazone.

"Directly inspired by Balmain's artisanal heritage and our recent collections, my team and I created this limited-edition accessory as a collector's piece to stand out, pairing Balmain's signature gold with jewel tones to create couture-like pendants," Rousteing says. "I love that each hides a secret power: a one-of-a-kind shade of lipstick."

Twelve lipstick shades in total are available for you choosing, and will be available at Balmain stores, luxury retailers, and online starting in December. Pricing info has yet to be released, but considering the original tubes of Balmain's L'Oreal lipsticks were priced around $14, we're keeping our fingers crossed it stays within that ballpark. Keep reading to get a sneak peek at three shades from each of the color collections.

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