Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival Tops Our List of the 5 Fashion News Moments You Need to Know


Happy Friday! InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and correspondent Jen George have packaged up this week’s can’t-miss-it news in the latest installment of our video series InStyle-Five, and you’re going to want to hear their take on the week’s top headlines before heading into the weekend.

First on the list is Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival, which kicks off this weekend and is sure to bring some killer style. We’re looking out for performer Leon Bridges, whose retro style is something to watch.

Speaking of watching, Jason Bourne comes out in theaters today, and we have our eye on co-star Alicia Vikander’s red carpet style. The Louis Vuitton ambassador has had one seriously fashionable year.

What else should you know before picking your off-duty weekend style? Today is National Lipstick Day, and statement swimsuits are a serious “do,” so throw on a graphic suit and a bold lip, and soak up the sunshine.

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Watch the full video above and prepare to feel like a total insider, stat.


[MUSIC] Welcome to InStyle 05, I'm Jen George. And I'm Eric Wilson. Here's what we're talking about this week. So, first up, it seems like the accessory of the week is a red and blue plastic wristband. Explain please.>> Lollapalooza. Chicago's big music festival is back this weekend. here is who I'm less excited to see Lion Bridget.>> This file is Same. Isn't it great? I mean the 50's and 60's throwback, that retro look, I really love it. It matches his music, he's got such a great vibe. It's so cool. And it's funny, you know music festivals, they really do have a strong connection to fashion. I mean ever since Kate Moss invented the Welly of course Glastonbury, but Coachella too, Lollapalooza's the most American of them all. This has a big influence on fashion. Even when you see Abercrombie and Fitch, the whole spring collection, is inspired by [UNKNOWN] style. Exactly, so if you're in Chicago this weekend, go to Lollapalooza. But if you're not, you should go to the movie theaters, because Jason Bourne opens today. What's the new one called? Jason Bourne. [LAUGH] Despite the title, I'm so thrilled, because I'm dying for a really good action film this summer. I've been loving all the comedies, Finding Dory especially. But I think it's time for a good popcorn and thrill Movie. I know, and of course that means on the red carpet we'll see his co-star, our favorite. Alicia Vikander. I mean, she has had such an amazing fashion year. Her partnership with Louis Vuitton has created so many amazing, amazing images. That Oscars dress? Right, and I mean this one is my personal favorite. I love this dress so much, the one she wore to the Golden Globes. It was so original. Uh-huh, and here's the silver sequin number she wore to the premiere in London, another favorite of mine. Amazing. Wow. My sources tell me that today is a holiday. National Lipstick Day. That it is. So, I'm gonna defer to you on this one. All right. Well let me show you what's going on this summer. We're seeing lots of trends. Matte lips being a big one. We also have, of course, always a classic red. Mm-hm. But coral is a big color summer, and Kylie Jenner tried out this black lip, which is kind of like a glam, gothic look. Interesting. Very cool. That's one way to celebrate. Well, I'll be wearing chapstick because I'm going on vacation tomorrow to Spain. I had been looking at all my friend's pictures in Instagram and I had the worse fomo. So finally I booked a ticket, I'm going straight to the beach. Get me to the beach. Everyone is there right now and I just am so jealous. And you know what suit I'm gonna get? Which one? The suit of the summer. It feels like everybody is wearing A statement suit. You have to explain this. Okay, yes. like look at this. It's literally a statement suit, I mean, we have Hailey Baldwin right here. Victoria secret model, Anna Beatrice. Boroughs yes, that's amazing. Is that Gigi or Bella? So that's Bella and she's wearing a suit with her sister's name on it. Actually I saw one that has my name all over it. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Fair enough. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Seriously now, would yours say? Probably tequila and tacos. [LAUGH] Mine would probably be too old for this bikini. Stop it. [LAUGH] Well, I'll definitely be following you on Instagram- Sure. You give me a vacation promo as well. Well, if you see a picture on Instagram make sure you swipe left. [LAUGH] I will. No, you like, you like. I don't know. [LAUGH] Because that's what they want? I don't know. Anyway, that's what we've been talking about this week. Make sure you come back next week for another edition of InStyle Five.
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