This French Bookstore Brings Stories to Life—Literally


Librairie Mollat, an independently owned bookstore in Bordeaux, France, has found a clever way to engage readers and drum up business.

The shop’s Instagram page, which now boasts a following of more than 49,000, melds cover art and real life by posing models behind well-known book jackets, and the results are pretty incredible.

Well, Librairie Mollat itself is pretty incredible—founded in 1896, it stands as the first independent bookstore to open in France. Clearly, its legacy of innovation didn’t end there ...

Here’s Queen E just casually browsing for books in a tiara and white jeans.


Nice tattoo, Virginia Woolf heroine!


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Sia (or Leonardo DiCaprio) should probably use this method for their next disguise!


Hi guys. It's Kahlana. So, my obsession today is inspired by the New York Times column, 36 Hours. TASCHEN has created a trio of books based on this column that are basically the encyclopedia for travel. I'm always traveling and when I'm in a city for a short period of time, I wanna know. What's the one thing I should do? This will tell me just that they have so much information, everything from pictures to restaurant recommendations. They'll tell you what to do on a specific night of the week. And obviously, these are very beautiful and perfect for a coffee table, but they might be a little bit too big to travel with. They come with a key card that gives you access to a digital copy. I'm obsessed. [MUSIC]
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