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Apr 06, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

After the widespread success of their feminist email newsletter, Lenny Letter, Girls partners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are launching their own Lenny imprint at Random House (which published Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl in 2014), BuzzFeed first reported Wednesday.

Lenny will publish both fiction and nonfiction by writers with strong voices, with Dunham and Konner selecting the books. “The Lenny imprint is a natural extension of Random House’s relationship with Lena Dunham,” Random House Vice President, Editor-in-Chief Andy Ward says in a release. “Working with Lena, Jenni and the editors of Lenny, we plan to publish a select number of titles each year to build a varied, compelling, and voice-driven list. Drawing on their eye for talent and love of books, we see this as a perfect opportunity to broaden what we do at Random House, while staying true to our mission: to work with writers we love and to publish them well.”

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“While we love our home on the Internet, Jenni and I are both voracious readers (of books and book reviews) who are constantly trading titles and allowing them to stir us creatively,” Dunham tells BuzzFeed. “Our friendship often doubles as a book club. ... Lenny books will aspire to push the ball forward on the issues that matter to our audience, with wit and style. We hope to see them sticking out of purses and riding public transportation everywhere.”

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Since its inception, Lenny Letter has published many widely shared and conversation-starting essays, including one by Jennifer Lawrence on the gender pay gap and sexism, one by Dunham herself on the Kesha/Dr. Luke trial, and even a treatise on girls’ education by First Lady Michelle Obama.

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