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Kelsey Glein
Oct 13, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

File this under unique Halloween costume ideas for your daughter. Women's leadership platform MAKERS has dreamt up a series of re-imagined outfit ideas for the holiday that celebrate heroic, groundbreaking women—and the list includes outspoken feminist Lena Dunham.

The Girls star and author shared a photo of the adorable look—which features a faux version of her book with the title changed from Not That Kind of Girl to Not That Kind of Baby and a cute stuffed animal that looks like her dog Lamby—to her Instagram account, which she captioned: "Thank you @makerswomen for this mind blowing Lena & Lamby costume idea #MakeHerAMaker #NotThatKindOfBaby #Honored."

Thank you @makerswomen for this mind blowing Lena & Lamby costume idea #MakeHerAMaker #NotThatKindOfBaby #Honored

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Aside from Dunham, the site also offers inspiration for Ruth "Baby" Ginsberg, Gloria Steinem, Mae Jemison, and Billie Jean King ensembles. And while you can't actually purchase the outfits, they are simply meant to provide parents with a motive to think outside the box when it comes to how they dress up their little girls for Halloween.

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