Step Inside the $10 Million Wedding Where Lady Gaga Performed


On Saturday, Lolita Osmanova and Gaspar Avdolyan walked down the aisle and exchanged vows and what unquestionably looked like a wedding fit for a Disney fairytale. How so?

First of all, the entire showdown was held inside L.A.’s Dolby Theatre. Yes, the happy couple welcomed guests to the same auditorium that’s also the home of the Oscars—to the tune of $10 million, according to the U.K.'s The Independent newspaper

Osmanova reportedly wore a bedazzled Zuhair Murad dress that complemented the $500,000 worth of flowers that were sprinkled across the venue.


As if that wasn't enough, the couple’s gold and white wedding cake featured not two, not three, not five, but a total of 10 tiers.

After the ceremony, Osmanova also changed into a different white tulle frock.

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But that’s not all. For their entertainment, they hired the one and only Lady Gaga. The Grammy Award-winning star arrived in a fiery red dress with a matching red stole and a slicked-back blonde 'do. She performed “Bad Romance,” “Marry the Night,” and other hits.

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Gaga wasn’t the only star to perform. Jason Derulo also took the stage.

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A wedding with Lady Gaga as a headliner? We need to figure out how to score an invite next time.


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