Lady Gaga Is More Vulnerable Than Ever in Her New Documentary


Lady Gaga's new documentary is an emotional tell-all of the inner workings of her life and career.

Early on Thursday morning, the star began posting previews of the forthcoming film on Instagram, which is aptly titled, Gaga: Five Foot Two. And in the four short clips, she appears more vulnerable than ever.

She swims in a pool of dark water alone in the first teaser as audio of the Grammy Award-winning singer crying to best friend and stylist Brandon Maxwell plays.

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"But like, I just ... I'm alone, Brandon. Every night," Gaga says as she sobs. "And all these people will leave, right? They will leave and then I'll be alone. And I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence."

Behind-the-scenes footage of Gaga being lifted up to the roof during her SuperBowl performance is showcased in the second preview while a look into a doctor's appointment in which she discusses chronic pain is unearthed in a third clip.


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"Phase 1: Let's try to get you out of this intense pain that's in your face where you feel like you're running from the title all the time," states a medical staffer to Gaga, as she sits on a table in a white hospital gown. "And I know there's this component of sight that Dr. Modeer is working on. Phase 2: Let's try to get the muscles to re-educate. Phase 3: We do the blood spinning to try to cause regeneration. So I'll be back and then I'll talk you through."

And in the fourth snippet released shortly after 8 a.m. ET, Gaga divulges, "I have seen a few short clips of the documentary, but I decided not to watch it—all the way through, or most of it for that matter because I can't be objective about myself." She continues, "So you'll see it before I do."


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Though no release date has been revealed for Gaga: Five Foot Two just yet, we know we're in for an emotional ride with the Academy Award winner. We're staying locked in to her Instagram to see what other teasers emerge.


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