Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Sells Out—Again

Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Sells Out—Again
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We're not sure what's more competitive—scoring a set of Adele tickets, or Kylie Jenner's two-piece Lip Kit. Following the mad rush on Cyber Monday when the #LipKitByKylie sold out in a matter of seconds, the star promised to do a second launch before the holidays for those who didn't pick one up the first time around. Clearly, keeping up with the kit is a full-time job in itself, as the products were completely gone only minutes after going live on the site Monday morning.

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No word yet on when the brand plans to restock, if ever, but realistically, you can probably mimic the exact same effect with a neutral lip liner (Jenner confessed to wearing MAC's Spice herself) layered with a liquid lipstick like Stila's Nude Cinnamon Sheen ($24; Then again, if duking it out for the real deal on eBay is your thing, then good luck, godspeed, and don't let the bidding prices currently climbing into the hundreds deter you.

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